Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I miss Kim

Hey everyone,
I hope Kim is doing really well, back at work. I miss you already, the studio isn't as warm and friendly without you. I hope you check the blog soon, since I forget your e-mail...I'm very good at loosing important pieces of imformation....sorry. Tell us how it's going.
I was very inspired today by Andrea's lecture. I think she's a super cool dude, and very accessable. I'm going to try and attach an image of one of my favorite pieces by her on here at the end....yet another blogging adventure!!!
Hope everyone's "mood" pieces are going well.
P.S. Did anyone ever send their portraits to Anita??? I really want to do that.....remind me, we should all do that. Andrea said contacts are very important!!!
P.P.S. Apparently my stupid computer won't let me post a picture!!! Why do computers hate me sooo much......grrrrr....so never mind about the Adrea pic......grrrrrrr


Blogger Cat said...

Yes Kim, you are missed. Andrea Wicklund is pretty freaking great. She is 27 and lives in San Fran and does cool artwork for galleries and for magazines, H&M, packaging, and other neat things. She emphasized getting a sketchbook and drawing the heck out of it - she carries a bunch of neat pens and a cheap gouache set with her when she goes out sketching. She got her job with H&M because she started showing her sketch book to art directors. How cool is that??? She said "Get comfortable with your drawing." You do that by drawing constantly. That way it doesn't block you from getting your ideas on the paper. Good advice, I thought!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Tyler said...

I totally forgot about sending my portrait to Anita. I guess I'm also a little reluctant to do it because I didn't like the execution and I want to redo it...but I suppose I'll send it anyway.

Kim, I'll be looking forward to your visit! And I'd love for you to meet Megan. George did some sweet drawings in my copies of his books. I'll either ask him for permission to post them here or I'll send you pics of 'em.

8:20 PM  

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