Sunday, July 02, 2006

It is Frigid the computer lab. They really pushed the Bridgeman and Vanderpoel books where I studied figure drawing....and I was also recommended the Muybridge photo books for studying movement. If you like figurative painting, check out these awesome guys from my neck of the woods (I think they're only in their early thirties):

And at my attelier all they ever talked about was Sargent and Richard Schmid. His book is amazing....too bad you can't get it on it's like $100.


Blogger Cat said...

That computer lab is pretty chilly. too bad we can't get into it right now and I need research printed out for my mood piece! thanks for sharing the artist stuff! It is too bad that the Richard Schmid art book is so exensive. Maybe we'll get lucky and find it in a used book store someday for like 4 bucks. Ha!

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