Sunday, July 16, 2006

To blog, or not to blog

As you all might remember from our wrap-up presentation, Cody Miles (previous Academier) started a Forum for Illustration Academy people. It is there for the same reasons I started the blog - to keep in touch, to show works in progress, and to keep each other motivated. the forum is a much bigger group of people from all the different years and the teachers are involved and all that jazz. I am not sure if I should keep this blog if it is doing the same thing as the big one. Click here to check out the forum. What do you guys want to do?

p.s. I miss you all already! When Heather and I were in Tampa, every person looked like an Academy person. You hear a laugh and expect to turn around and see george... see a guy from far away and you swear it's Todd... it was really weird and sad.

I drew a bunch of crappy drawings in my new Moleskin "take everywhere" sketchbook. I drew my brother while we were waiting for our food at lunch and he said I made him look ugly. Bah, oh well, I'm "getting it down." That's what matters. I would post the pictures but I'm at my mom's in kentucky and I don't have a scanner.

Soon I will upload the hundreds of pictures from the Academy (including a bunch from the epic last night) - I will link to them here when they are ready.

Don't forget to "comment" with opinions on whether or not to keep the blog.


Blogger Tyler said...

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7:21 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

I think this is a more intimate and casual place for us and I plan on using both venues for motivation and sharing. I'll make do either way, but at least here we all know each other. I say keep it around a while longer and reassess this question later.

What does everyone else think?

7:22 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Is no one else even looking at this blog anymore?

11:07 PM  

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