Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey everyone,
So this is my (kinda) finished self-portrait. It's called cat-nap, it's me and an orange version of my kitty Luna. I posted it early, because I feel really stuck with it. I used both collage and pastel on this one (both of which I hadn't really used before...and collage I might not use again), and it's been a stuggle the whole way. It's supposed to be a children's book type of image.
I feel really uncomfortable with it right now... it's pretty damn bright.
Let me know what you think, any suggestions, etc. Be honest, I can take it!


Blogger chris ewald said...

i like where its going. i think the cat should be be brought up in value. i think it would help complete the circular element you have going on. also maybe push the white pillow back some so it helps soidify the shape. i would like to see a bigger scan if you can send it to my email. i think it would help me give you a more fair critique. good to see you working hard. keep it up.

11:42 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

Holy crap Sarah, that's fantastic! You have such a distinct style - all those muted earth tone type colors - it is very reminiscent of Thomas Hart Benton, which is a really good thing!

I agree with Chris's comments about the value of the cat and the value of the white pillow. I also feel like (and this is nit-picking) that there is an awkward tangent from the white pillow into the hair. I would say either play up the tangent thing in other places of the illustration to create movement or change the angle of the pillow where it meets the hair. Does that make sense? But seriously I love this. Great job!!!!!

p.s. I am going to change the way the comment box works so that it opens in a different window. that way you can look at the posted image as you type your comments.


2:58 AM  
Blogger Fox said...

Thank you so much for the help guys! Ya'lls opinions mean a lot. I'm definetly going to work on the things you suggested. I helps so much to get a fresh eye.
Chris I can't send you a bigger scan (actually a photograph...don't have a scanner now) right now, because I still don't have a computer set up...I'm using Aaron's brother' I already deleted the image that was bigger. I can't wait until we get internet/computer at our new place.
Thank you thank you!!! Miss you guys!
P.S. Cat~ ha ha on the small nib comment. :)

7:46 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hi Sara, Miss you!
I think your portrait is really nice. draws you in with the color and the circular compostion, I'm drawn to the line work in your hair, regarding the pillow behind you - I agree maybe it should be the purple at your feet or another color closer to those, maybe bring the swirls more into your cat, I see the texture in the blue in the corner which I love and made me think of this suggestion. Anyway. Keep in touch, i'll post some SIMPLE pen and inks tomorrow.. They arent great, I need to sektch more!

10:38 PM  

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