Friday, October 13, 2006

A Little Late

Well, here's my conceptual portrait. I included the ink/graphite drawing (before I went to paint it) because I liked it and thought it might be fun to paint it in Photoshop, which I've never really done. It took me hours to scan and assemble this even though it's only 12''x16''. I think some of issues came up from the scanner reflecting off the white areas and making them too bright. If I can't do a good job photographing it myself, then.... I don't know. That's a separate issue....but I imagine this is going to be a recurring problem. I also used the burn tool to try to darken some areas on the face that where too bright from the scanner reflecting off the graphite....another material creating the same issue. I thought I had more to say about this but it's late and I can't think about anything but the scanning issues...... Enjoy!


Blogger Fox said...

Nice image! I like how you left the face more of the cardboard color, it helps bring attention to it. The face is really well drawn, and I think it looks like you. :)

12:47 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

Tyler, this is really cool! I feel your pain on assembling your image after scanning, it took me a couple hours to do mine the other day. I had trouble scanning acrylic where I had used gloss medium cause it reflected the light too... I think the best way to try to get around it is to play with the levels on your scanner settings before it scans it, like drop the light values way down, cause you can always bring them back up later.

It totally looks like you, really solid cdrawing. So what is the story with the astronaut theme?

6:08 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

The astronaut theme represents me entering (forging into) the illustration world and my new life post-Academy (not to mention my new life in the DC area). The suit is meant to look really big on me to represent how I perceive the enormity of it all. I'm a little intimidated by it all, but I'm heading out into space anyway. It's worth the risk.

I just don't think the finished piece conveys it as well is the drawing above it. Megan doesn't like all the stars and the planet but I like it. I think I overworked the face though. Only Photoshop is going to fix that.

7:27 PM  
Blogger debsworld said...

Hi Tyler,
I think you did a smashing job on your portrait. As Cat said, it's well drawn, and well rendered. I like your idea of working further on the drawn version in Photoshop. Also, you mentioned working more on the completed piece in Photoshop. Remember Robert Meganck's comment about one of his cliets who was absolutely SURE they wanted a scratchboard piece...NOT anything done on the computer. In the end they couldn't tell the difference. The computer is just a another tool at your disposal to get exactly what you want...but then you knew that! Good luck with it.

4:17 PM  

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