Sunday, November 05, 2006


I went to a small art show in my neighborhood today and started chatting with an oil painter, Ron Mckee, whose stuff was really nice. He mentioned that he had been an illustrator, and later mentioned that he studied at Art Center. Oh a whim, I asked him if he knew Mark English (he appeared the same age group), and he did! Not only did he know him, he said he played tennis with Mark and Bernie Fuchs!!!! Pretty cool, huh? Now he is just doing oil paintings and doing the art fair circuit. Here is his website, if you are interested in checking him out: Ron Mckee


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I find it interesting that successful illustrators like Mark English and Ron McKee turn to fine art in the end. I remember Sterling commenting on the fact that he would love to sell his work as fine art, but it would be like "starting over" in a new field. His reputation is as an illustrator, not a fine artist. As artists WE realize the similarities between illustration and fine art: good composition, mastering the skills, telling a visual story that will appeal to others. Dang it! It's too bad the people who market illustrations and fine art don't get the similarities. It just seems as though there should be a way to do and market BOTH successfully. Well, Mark English and Ron McKee have figured out how to make the transition from one to the other so it CAN be done! Hip, hip, hurrah!

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