Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple Computer

How about that Macworld Keynote address?

My iMac G5 totally ate it the other day and I just got it back from the Apple Store tonight....it got a new power supply, logic board, and hard drive, and they transfered all my data to the new drive. If I didn't have the AppleCare protection plan it would have cost about $1,300, according to their print out. ...but I did/do and it was at no charge. Always get the AppleCare protection plan.

Just thought I would share that with you all.


Blogger Cat said...

the iPhone is sick. I have been waiting for Apple to come out with a blackberry equivalent... this thing is more amazing than I could have asked for. But will I blow 500 bucks on it? Or spend the extra 100 bucks to get twice the hard drive space? I guess I have until June to make these decisions.

Good thing you have AppleCare. It's so hard to sell it since no one wants to spend an extra 150-250 bucks when they are already buying an expensive computer, but then once something happens like that you wish you had bought it. Tyler, I commend you for your apple care purchase.

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