Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Holidays from Toledo

Hey Everyone,

Sorry it's been awhile between posts . . . OK, OK, it's been a couple months . . . work's been insane. I've been working lots of overtime and weekends, so there's been little time for life outside of Root. I've also fallen behind big time on my art, even my sketchbook is suffering, which has made me feel like a slacker, though I have done some company portraits in Photoshop (I've included my latest). My major project has been to work on a book proposal that we're submiting to several publishing companies, so that's been lots of fun and I've learned a lot about publishing.
Thankfully, New York is coming up (so exciting!!!!) and I just ordered a HUGE Vuillard book on Amazon. Hopefully, those will get me back in the art/painting/sketching groove. I really miss you guys!


Blogger Fox said...

Hey Erika, Looking good. Don't beat yourself up too much about not working all the time on art stuff. I honestly think productivity kinda goes in waves in your life (I know mine does). Especially if you're working a million hours a week. Just know that it will kick in again, maybe when you have more time, or when you get super-inspired by something.
I hadn't worked since I had gotten back from x-mas, and then I watched this Annie Lebovitz documentary on PBS....and I felt totally re-inspired, and started painting.
On the whole it sounds like you are working hard and learning a ton, which is pretty great! Can't wait to see you in New York!!!

11:04 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

Erika, nice portrait. At least your busy job involves art and creativity, so your creative muscle is getting bigger. Plus you are continuously learning about the field and making connections, so it isn't a complete waste of your time (like waiting tables is...) It is probably frustrating to not be doing your own stuff, though. I would love to see more sketchbook stuff... I still suck at sketching and I don't know why, I like to look at other peoples stuff to see how I could improve. Oh yeah, I just got that huge Vuillard book for Christmas myself, and an awesome Thiebaud book. Good stuff!!!!

3:48 AM  

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