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Wow, I am so happy everyone is posting work, and it's such great work!!! I have been really out of the loop. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was looking for work as a graphic designer. I was really hating the starving artist thing and I kept going into more and more debt and couldn't afford to do anything. I was working more and more hours at my 2 jobs just to try to make ends meet and it was leaving me feeling exhausted and angry all the time. I looked to see what types of jobs were out there and applied for a few just for one. A headhunter found me on and interviewed me for a job for a real estate investment banking company owned by Wells Fargo. Well I ended up getting the job -it pays amazingly well - probably twice what I was making working 2 jobs - and the benefits can't be beat. I started last Monday and I really like it so far. It's nice to be back in a regular routine (free weekends? what?) and have a regular paycheck.

I'm still taking my MFA classes - I'm taking 2 this semester - so I have been SO f@#%ing busy. I also have an hour long commuter until me & David move in June so my entire day is pretty shot. I haven't drawn in my sketchbook since I started and I don't know how I'll find time to do any illustrations of my own design. The classes are keeping me super busy!

I was halfway done with my celebrity portrait before i started work... maybe one day I'll finish it :) I think once I settle into more of a routine I'll be able to squeeze things in.

So about the assignments - let's vote. People seem to be doing their own things, which is awesome, so should we do away with the assignments and just encourage art making in general?

I love seeing the sketchbook stuff by the way. I started a sketchbook section on my website if you want to check it out ;)



Blogger Fox said...


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Blogger Fox said...

Sorry about the gibberish typed above. :) My blogger has been acting weird lately, and I don't know how to delete the typing.
What I was trying to say was:
Cat, I'm really happy you have found a job that supports you and you like so far. I can really understand where you are coming from. Murals painting is so unsteady, I never know how much I'm going to make week to week, and lately it hasn't been much. So the idea of getting a job where you get health insurance and good pay sounds great.
Plus, it sounds like you are still making art and learning with your MFA classes, which is great! What subjects are you classes (business, color, technique??) or are they more like art I II and III kinda thing.
I think you'll keep making you own portfolio art, maybe a few hours on the weekends now that you have those back.
But congratulations on the new job, and glad things are going well.

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Blogger Cat said...

Sarah, thanks for the kind words, especially the gibberish part :)

The classes I'm taking now are Aesthetics & Renaissance (you all know how dense I am about art history - I'm trying to REALLY LEARN this time, not just memorize stuff) and Chiaroscuro drawing. I'm excited about the chiaroscuro because I remember in college the "other" drawing teacher taught that and really enforced it while my teacher never even mentioned it. So it's something I am excited to finally learn. So it is definitely keeping me drawing... but not like I should be!

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Blogger Tyler said...

Congrats on the new job and free weekends!

I like the assignments. Even though I don't always do them or do them late, I like having it there to remind me to be productive. At the very least, I use it as a suggestion for what to do next. I think it's pretty smart of us to have assignments for ourselves.... but if no one is interested anymore... I can deal with it.

I'm working on my Celeb Portrait now. I've been busy with other things but I hope to have something by the end of next weekend.

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Blogger chris ewald said...

the path you take makes the destination worth while. remember that. i try to everyday. good luck kid. well stick with you on the ride.

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Blogger chris ewald said...

the path you take makes the destination worth while. remember that. i try to everyday. good luck kid. well stick with you on the ride.

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