Monday, March 19, 2007

call for entries!

Hi everyone!

The Richmond Illustration Club is putting on a juried mid-atlantic illustration show at Plant Zero []. Juriors include Andrea Wicklund, Kadir Nelson [illustrator of Spike Lee's "Please, Baby Please," and "Please Puppy Please," Jerdine Nolen's Coretta Scott King Honor Book "Thunder Rose," and Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us"], Tyler Darden [art director of Virginia Llving Magazine] and Steve Hedberg [art director of Richmond Magazine]. The deadline for entries is April 13.

I would suggest that everyone in the mid-atlantic or kinda-mid-atlantic area enter! We have great jurors and the more entries we get, the better the show will be. Tell your friends/students/teachers/strangers!

To download an entry form for the juried show, go to Feel free to email me with any questions.



Blogger Cat said...

oh i see how it is... no West Coasties allowed. Well maybe I'll start my own juried show and won't let you east coasters in.

just teasin'.

11:54 AM  

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