Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lend a hand?

Hey all, I have started some sketches of the editorial illustration I want to do about "Whales death toll/ caused by migration effected by solar waves". I would love to post something on it soon though. I'm getting excited about it. I need to find some tracing paper. I will probably need a hand in the composition of things...

Been lovin being close to the waves again :) I found a beautful longboard I want to buy,....unfortunately the one I have has seen better days... I am working on some studies for a series of paintings based on the surfaces of the water. ( To try and sell in downtown Wilmington)

Cat- I don't "blog" much, so its probaly really easy, but how can I invite my friend Brian to post?, just tell him the name of the blog so he can sign on? Anyway he's a creative dude that I went through illustration school in college,... and I would love to have him around on vuinnardenkornlish..


Blogger Sarah Fox said...

Hey Kim,
The hands look great, especially the one on the left. What kind of pen are you using to sketch?? I like the line quality and the color.
Doing some paintings about water sounds great for you, your in the water so much you'll really be able to see how it moves and the light qualities and such.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

Kim, those are really nice hands. And I'm excited to see your editorial illustration that's in the works... post WIP and we will help you out along the way!

Your water surface paintings sound really cool - i look forward to seeing those too.

Your friend Brian is welcome by my book, I'm sure it's okay with everyone else too! Send me his e-mail address and I'll send an invitation. Unfortunately that's the only way to make it work (I think).

5:29 PM  

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