Sunday, April 29, 2007

Under painting

So, here goes nothing, I want to post more work. I am really liking the new job, but need to push myself to paint outside of it...

So this one.. a little study.. I like the texture that is going on,... I think a smooth paint application in contrast to the texture might add interest to this piece, I need to experiment with some gloss medium. Some of the pen and ink sketches I am working on could work out as silhouettes... sorta like the bird, is trying too, if I blocked it out,.. not like it is shown..

The color? -I was thinking of the colors as more of an under painting, ( I don't want to lose all of the texture that happened though...)

Composition: -believe it or not, I used tracing paper, but something about the composition bugs me,... too centered?

My inspiration to the piece: I feel sometimes even though I am free to paint what is in my heart I feel still. Not moving. Frozen.. Perhaps the contrast of the water's shapes and reflections seem to "move." I want water to be present in some of these new abstract "flat" paintings... breaking down the shapes in the water... ( yeah its not clouds, its water... ) Intricate cage-like trim... Floating silhouette of the bird perched in symbolic space / outside of cage yet not in flight...

Well, I'm ready to keep going, I have a feeling the whole piece will be totally different soon. I just wanted to share some process and some thoughts, Open to suggestions.... Thanks.


Blogger Cat said...

I LOVE the texture you have going. I think the colors you have going on are pretty good too, except maybe to tone down the ultramarine (although I know scanners really make blues look more blue than they are). I think the composition could work better if the bird wasn't cut off at just that one tiny spot. I think I want to see the end of that one feather. Also, I know this is abstract, but with the birds leg down it looks like he should be standing on something, but he is hovering just above the one thing a viewer might read as a solid surface. But it isn't anything that should stop you from finishing it - it's really cool and I can't wait to see more!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Tyler said...

I really like those colors.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Sarah Fox said...

I really really really really like the texture too! It's beautiful~ I'm guessing that's the oil on board too. I agree with Cat about the bird looking a little like it's floating...could you bring a branch diagonally or something??? I really love all the pattern and texture you've got going on in here. Very cool stuff!

3:15 PM  

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