Wednesday, May 23, 2007

erika's famous

When I saw Chris Payne last month in San Francisco, he had told me his graduation idea for Reader's digest was finally approved - so it looks like Erika made it on there! You are famous!


Blogger Erika said...

Yes, that's me in the cap and gown, as well as the girl to the left of the graduate. My parent's also made it onto the back. Mom's hair can be seen immediately above the graduate's cap and Dad is on the graduate's right wearing green glasses. The colored glasses was all Chris. He took great joy in making that characiture of Dad. Just so you know though, Fame comes at a price. I stood outside in the snow in a tank top, capris, and sandals so that I could look like I was enjoying a beautiful June day.
Brrrrr, I'm still cold from that . . . I think I need some tea. :)

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