Monday, May 21, 2007

RE: illo magazine

Check out this link:
look over this magazine and comment on this art work, where and why, I love the stuff but I don't understand it as its called illustration.


Blogger Tyler said...

I had/have a subscription to the original incarnation of that magazine. The first issues looked far better. I'm supposed to get this issue and the next, per my subscription carrying over. I don't really dig the weird lowbrow art. Maybe he's trying to make it like 3x3 magazine by straying from the popular stuff.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Don Rogers said...

hey, good to hear form you Tyler, and yes it is strange and lowbrow and west coast and Japanese culture, pop surrealism. I am frankly disturbed by it all, it looks good but then I feel like I am in some ones nightmare too. Its all a new marketplace, nit much in terms of publishing on the newsstand.
So how are you and are you scheduled to head out next week to Sarasota? I told Chris that I am going to try and get down there to see him while he is there. It starts next week right?

9:20 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

I got the new issue today! Well, the Mark Schultz stuff is clearly illustration but most of the other stuff.... well, I think there are comics involved but they also spin off into merchandising, specifically toys. I really like Brian Taylor's Candykillers stuff. It reminds me of early animation. I think the other low-brow gallery stuff and toys are stretching it a bit... though I haven't yet read the interviews. At the very least, it shows other avenues we can pursue in our art...entrepreneurially speaking, that is. I would love to have a toy line and other merchandise.

I'm really excited about the next issue.... with a feature on Daniel Adel... I absolutely love the way he paints...both his illustration and his gallery work.

I'm leaving on Sunday for Sarasota! Woohoo! And it won't be the same without you, roomie! Traveling from DC is so much easier than from CA. I can actually get a direct flight. I have a separate blog... I'll be sure to post the assignments and stuff on it.

I've been busy but I'm hoping to get back to work on that "Office" illo and finish it before I head down. This is probably my longest "comment." Gee wiz.

11:05 PM  
Blogger Don Rogers said...

yes that was a long one, I will check out your blog and see how you are doing over the summer, I may come down for a visit so be on the look out, who is going to take you to the winn-dixie for water and food and beer? I wonder who else will be coming back. I have to make money this summer to pay for the new windows I had put into the house, energy savers and much quieter. Have a great time, work hard on the idea and value patterns, keep them small and save time and energy, then go to finish, remember how they ran that show, no approvals till Thursday or Friday.
Best to you and good luck -Don

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