Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Hey guys, so I am a finalist in that design contest I was telling you about awhile ago. :)

JJill store had the contest for a t shirt design depicting your inspiration of nature. Last year 2500 people submitted. I submitted 3, and I'm not sure which one they picked but maybe I will post the rest eventually, the iris is just my guess. Check it out though on jjill.com on July 16th- 31st and vote for me! The grand prize winner gets a 4 day 3 night trip to CA for an abstract painting workshop in CA at Carmel by the Sea, near Point Lobos State Park.

Anyway remember that bird painting? its still going - here it is right now.. I'm experimenting with fabric and I am having fun. I get stuck sometimes, not knowing what to do next. I'm working on 3 others with fabric/ mixed media right now, I'm finally getting home after work and painting and it feels refreshing.


Blogger Brian Reed said...

I am totally pumped about the Flower painting! I see what you were saying about the tissue paper disappearing in the painting, I love it. Did the purple come from the tissue bleeding of onto the gesso? I am excited for you to have gotten down to the top ten. Looking forward to voting.

I must say i do love drawn type in illustrations and paintings. Almost as great is the ornament treatment at the birds head. I might bring the head to the foreground and have the "ornament" accent the head instead of cover it up. I think the tail would be more affective if it came out of the body straight. I do love the curl though. I would take that and treat it as a patter that you can repeat all around the tail and mimic the curves that you have going on in the ornament around the head. You are doing it with the fabric as well. You might could incorporate the swirls into the cloud/sky suggestions. (Sterling's Magic Flute illustration)

12:10 AM  
Blogger Starbuck said...

I'm digging that bird one, especially when its in thumbnail form. Perhaps for your next illustration you could work really big so when it gets reduced to print size everything will blend together nicely. Doing really textural-collage type stuff is kind of like doing a magic trick, you want people wondering how it was done. Nick Bantock is a really good collage artist, check him out.

3:45 AM  
Blogger Sarah Fox said...

Yay Kim! I'm definitely going to vote for you in the JJill contest. I really love all the different textures going on in both paintings, and I think your colors are great!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

Congrats on being a JJill design finalist! i'm going to vote for you, not just because you are my friend, but because it's a great design and would look cool on a t-shirt. I love how you are incorporating the line work with the painting, you get a lot of great textures. I agrere with what brian said about bringing the ornamental stuff behind the birds head. I feel like some of the yellows might not "mesh" with the rest of the color pallette - but it could just be the scan, and I know you are still working on it. I love the collage stuff you have going on. Keep it up :)

1:45 PM  

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