Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some More sketches before I get to "Blue"

Good evening all,
Sorry to have dropped out for a bit. Here is a sketch that i did from an old National Geographic about Italy. I remember thinking that the woman was not overly attractive but at the same time she was very striking. Don't really know if i captured it but i would love to hear your thoughts. After some time away from it, i see some areas that i would like to add some colour and develop a bit more than where it is as at this point.

Here is a still life drawing while my mind wanders in and out of whatever it is every one is talking about in the other room. Some of the thoughts for the shirt (I'm getting to below) show up here in this sketch page.

The next image is a photoshop'ed collage of sketches for a shirt i just finished up. i was approached to do a T based on the scripture (1 Samuel 2:10). I was having the hardest time getting started due to the art direction that was given at the beginning. The basic gist is that they wanted to show a man anointing another with oil. I was looking at a couple view points in the style of Frank Miller (Sin City period) as far as a graphic rendering of the figures. Started working in a comic book panel to tell the story. I couldn't help but feel that it lacked the graphic & iconic presence that it needed to stand on its own. This was proving to be difficult for me. i found myself turning to birds as a metaphor. Don't want to bore you any more than i have, so i'll sign off for now.



Blogger Sarah Fox said...

Wow Brian! I really like the t-shirt design you did. On the black one I get the "anointing" more, I guess because you can see more of the pouring action. It's cool to see how the whole design came about too, thanks for showing us all the process!
I like the sketch of the lady as well. I like all the light shapes against dark shapes. Aren't National Geographics the best to sketch from!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

Brian, I'm loving your sketchbook work. The sketch of the woman is pretty mesmerizing - her eyes seem to have a lot of wisdom to them. And I think the t-shirt design turned out really well, and using a bird as a metaphor seems to have worked out VERY well!

1:47 PM  

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