Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i am indeed alive.

went figure drawing today, boy was I in a mood. i was not too thrilled to have the same model as last week. i did not feel that she was very exciting but i kept it to myself and was amped about drawing anyway. because i knew that this model was going to do sustained boring poses i decided to go into the session completely care free and just attack the drawings. i had fun and learned a lot and out of the thirty or so drawings that i did, the only legible drawings are the 6 that i am posting. if she looks like she is smiling in any of the drawings, she is. i think this was because she was getting $20 an hour to lay on her side for three hours. i imagine this is what she does at home, just add a television. she has a scam going on. can't believe each session is $15.


Blogger Cat Scott said...

where are you living? WHat are you up to? It's cool that you are taking figure drawing classes - the linework looks solid on these. And I see what you mean about the model - her poses aren't terribly interesting. But it's still drawing from a live model which is great!

5:37 PM  

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