Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my lovely lady lumps

here is a quick study of my ugly mug for a painting that i intend to do. getting back in the groove of things. trying to learn and be productive. i wish halo 2 with my roommate was not so seductive.

thought i might share a link with you guys. a good resource for those of us who hope to be freelancing sooner or later.

special thanks to TY for hooking me up with the academy assignments. be on the look out for my work. i will try to remain faithful to the specs as they were given but i do plan on changing them slightly. i.e. slice of northern virginia as opposed to sarasota.


Blogger Cat Scott said...

I swear I commented on this yesterday... weird. What I think I said was "this looks awesome." Is that oil?

6:58 PM  

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