Thursday, July 19, 2007

second posting... second sitting

thanks a lot everyone for the comments. i am glad that maybe everyone is getting something from this. it certainly helps me to talk about what i am doing as it allows me to approach the painting process analytically.

cat- that self portrait was a 20 minute digital. i appreciate the kind words.
sarah- i wish that i was a smarter man and had a disposable palette. that would make my life easier but alas i am an idiot ;)
matt and ty - thanks for the comments on the painting and the figure drawings. the encouragement is definitely welcome.

i had a lot of fun painting today. i feel that having instruction on wednesday and being left to myself to try the things that i have learned on another painting is extremely helpful. starting today i was able to see that i had over rendered this model in the initial sitting and today, approaching it with a fresh eye, i decided to get some paint on there and simplify the shapes a bit.
unfortunately, because the model is live, i am unable to use the camera to take process photos of this step. by knocking things back and concentrating on the big shapes I was able to obtain a better likeness of the model. more on this later.
after fixing the shapes on the model, i took a cue from my session yesterday and immediately knocked in some of my darkest values. doing this allowed me to spend the rest of the session refining some of the values in the models face and also try using more color.
when i felt like i was warmed up, i really started concentrating on the colors in the face of the model. as i am not very good with color picking, mixing and theory, this part was exceptionally difficult. after i while i found that i was not thinking as hard and trusting my instinct. im sure whether or not this was a good thing. i feel like i may have given way to some of my bad habits. i am pretty sure that i got ahead of myself and mucked up the process. i think perhaps that this is a good thing. this will give me a chance to go into my next class and see how what i did today compares to the next step my teacher has me take on my first painting. i am sure that this will be a positive learning experience.
below you can see the painting as it is and the black and white shows that today my values were a bit better than yesterday. i actually left the session a bit early today as i felt that the painting was getting away from me. i can see now in the photos that the nose is a bit skewed and perhaps a bit long. now, im not making excuses for myself but the model has a nose on her. anyway, i felt that rather than push the paint around and screw it up, it would be best to call it a night and come at it from another angle next week. i have one session left with this model and i hope to resolve the couple issues that i am having with the painting.


Blogger Sarah Fox said...

Chris this looks beautiful! I don't think the nose looks too long or skewed at all...maybe the model looks a little different, but the portrait on it's own looks great. I lOVE the colors you're using, you've got that beautiful yellow on part of her face next to a kind of purple. Great! The only shape that is a little distracting is the yellow triangle under her face. It pops the neck out above the face a little.
The colors you've gotten on her face, and complimented by her hair, are so nice, so if you struggled and worked at if for a while it was worth it.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Cat Scott said...

Ditto to everything Sarah said. This is fantastic. I can't stop looking at it - the eyes are so engaging. I know this isn't finished, but my one piece of advice would be to soften the edges around the neck and shoulders. Keep it up!

3:59 PM  

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