Sunday, September 16, 2007

Digital collage

Evening chaps,
Been real busy keep the bills paid and the boss happy! Also been working on a collage for my aunt. She sent a bunch of picture to put together for her and her husbands 25th year anniversary. i had meant to post it during the process but got lost in deadlines and all. here are some screen shots of the collage for my aunt. It came about after i had built a collage as a wedding proposal for my wife. My aunt liked it an wanted something similar for her husband. To keep it flat so i could mail it and let her frame it the way she wanted i did it digitally.

Also have been looking through blogs and finding al kinds of great things. Don't know how many of you are type geeks, but i stumbled on to this site last night and thought i would share.
I have been falling in love with hand drawn type for some time now. I think one of the first people to have really started that passion of type is john hendrix.
I am sure that some of you have seen his work around, he and Sterling went to school together for a couple of years. Anyhow, the more i began to draw type the more i found others that were doing as well.
Misprinted type has some hand drawn type illustrations that are amazing and some collage that hint at a time just at the back of our memories
Can't seem to get there images to load, so go check it out with the links above.

The Bathroom monkeys was a card i did for a friend of mine. For what it worth it was a birthday card. Long story.



Blogger Kim said...

Its me Kimber, Thanks for those type links they are great. When I see your funny bathroom monkey type and all those skethbook pages ( that are still on my computer... :) I think you should incorporate them together, even if its a sketch you already have... maybe make some copies of the sketch to play around with size and composition and then do some cool type and ....wha la.. I think that piece would be very imporessive... Like maybe that woods man sketch you did recently..

Well anyway.. just my thoughts... I really like that type, not sure If i get the bathroom monkeys.. but you knew that...

9:25 AM  
Blogger Cat Scott said...

I love your type too!!!! I see it working for theater posters/ concert posters / any design where you can incorporate handwritten type. It's all the rage these days :) And Kim seems to be on to something with combining elements from sketches and your handwritten text.... that could be really cool.

4:04 PM  

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