Thursday, November 29, 2007

30 Faces

Here they are!
Lindsay: acrylic. Fran: micron pen. Mike Rowe: oil rub (used him twice!). Pamela: crayon. John: digital. Cat: oil. Sally: torn paper. Mike: charcoal. Kevin: ballpoint pen. Matt S: sequins! Abby: conte crayon. Jihad: watercolor pencil. Katie: fingerpaint. Kyle: chalk. Jordan: pastel. Kirk: colored pencil. Sarah: watercolor. Nick: value scale markers. Brian: froot loop dust. Sarah: thread. Perry: stamps. Erika: gauche. Jasmine: marker. Keith: scratchboard. Me: lino cut. Andrea: wood with staining markers. Jesse: carbon copy. Mike: stencil. James: oi pastel. Matt C: graphite.

Thanks for the reference photos, and forgive me if I did not do a flattering likeness--time and materials were against me!


Blogger Starbuck said...

Sequins! I love it.

6:37 PM  

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