Thursday, November 15, 2007

two exciting things:

Pratt's assignment is to do thirty faces, 5"x5" each in thirty different mediums. I would love to do portraits of all of you! Also, medium ideas would help a lot, I couldn't come up with more than twenty. If you want to get your portrait done (the sooner the better!) just send a high resolution, well-lit photo of yourself to me at

Other exciting thing: I made myself a website!! It is Please let me know what you think! And I have some new things on my blog, which is also under news on my website.

Hope all is well! Miss everyone!


Blogger Starbuck said...

Your website is really cool. Simple to navigate and cool looking. I sent you a picture of my beautiful visage for you to do with what you will. If you are having difficulty picking the right medium for my portrait might I recommend a collage of diamonds, gem stones and precious metals? Just a thought!

8:32 PM  

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