Thursday, October 04, 2007

Digital Collage #2

Morning to you all,
Most of the art i have been working on as of late has been for other people. I am looking forward to doing some personal pieces here soon but right now i am happy to stay busy with projects period. I have been working on a collage for a buddy of mine. His wife asked that i design a shirt for his 30th birthday. The time frame (Sept 21- Oct 2) lent itself to digital printing. Again, the content is more for the client, Set Chaucer to Stun is what my friend will say when the hound starts howling when someone comes in to the house or knocks.
Here are the progressions from initial proof to final.
The colors are just blocked in here on the first version. Mostly to make sure i was not clear out in left field in my thinking.

The second proof i ventured a little further out into left field with the coloring of the hound. i wanted to tone down the type so that it wasn't so over powering in the black.
I feared that with the new treatment it would not read well due to the light colors that now made up the text. the back and forth of the dark reds and light oranges kept messing with my eyes. I felt that it was fun but hard to read. The purple hound also was a little over powering. It all started out more monochromatic and slowly crept out of hand. The blues and purples were meant to complement, but i feel detracted from the piece. I did enjoy going back in and softening the blocked in colours. Adding nuances to the background and areas surrounding the hound.

So here in the final i toned down the purple hound and found a happy medium in the text that stood out but didn't overpower the rest of the piece. Over all it was a fun project.