Monday, September 17, 2007

figure paintings

These are oil paintings done in class over 3-5 hours, 11x14

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Digital collage

Evening chaps,
Been real busy keep the bills paid and the boss happy! Also been working on a collage for my aunt. She sent a bunch of picture to put together for her and her husbands 25th year anniversary. i had meant to post it during the process but got lost in deadlines and all. here are some screen shots of the collage for my aunt. It came about after i had built a collage as a wedding proposal for my wife. My aunt liked it an wanted something similar for her husband. To keep it flat so i could mail it and let her frame it the way she wanted i did it digitally.

Also have been looking through blogs and finding al kinds of great things. Don't know how many of you are type geeks, but i stumbled on to this site last night and thought i would share.
I have been falling in love with hand drawn type for some time now. I think one of the first people to have really started that passion of type is john hendrix.
I am sure that some of you have seen his work around, he and Sterling went to school together for a couple of years. Anyhow, the more i began to draw type the more i found others that were doing as well.
Misprinted type has some hand drawn type illustrations that are amazing and some collage that hint at a time just at the back of our memories
Can't seem to get there images to load, so go check it out with the links above.

The Bathroom monkeys was a card i did for a friend of mine. For what it worth it was a birthday card. Long story.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Society of Illustrators

Hey everyone,
The Society of Illustrators just annouced the editorial gala will be held on Friday February 22, 2008. Get the date on your calendars and start planning for another amazing time in Manhattan!! I'll post some new art soon, work is crazy, as usual. You are all doing such incredible work, talk to you guys soon. Miss you all!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ok, now that I have a little more time...

Pratt is amazing! Here are two paintings that were assigned in the first week, both 20''x30'', acrylic (the oranges and reds are a little more intense than the actual paintings); they had to be figure in space.
Since then we have had to do two 16x20 paintings of the same image shot in black and white (figure in space again), then make up or borrow the palettes, one being in the daytime, one at night, but we must use the same reference for both. This entails pushing the values and playing with color temperature, etc. (I will post those later)
He is also reassigning the first Academy assignment of just basic color and value.
In addition to that, we have 15 sketchbook pages due each week... this keeps us drawing non-stop! He wants figures in space, with value.
I will try and keep up with posting, but just as one thing is critiqued, we have something else due the next class!

our next assignment

I will write more when I get a chance (Pratt is working us hard!)
Due Friday we have to paint a funny face taken in class, but paint from a grayscale version and borrow or make up our own palette. Does anyone have any ideas for who would use a wild palette (Ren & Stimpy the old Nickelodeon cartoon comes to mind)? Cat, who was that guy you liked with the bold colors, he worked really big I think? Anyway, I'll post more later. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Everyone hanging in there?

I'm sure everyone is really busy, Just wanted to throw a sketch out there and say Hi!

I've been busy with life.. you know..working and surfing. -- get to sketch with the pencil practically every day! Working on logos, drawing out ideas. Working with other artists... we motivate each other even for outside of work projects... Its pretty fun and sometimes work is work.. Still working on some personal paintings at home.... not as many as I would like... I need to get a show together and just do it! Its always going to be busy! One painting is just of pattern... I'll post it when I'm done, its a watercolor- so when I finally choose on some colors- It should be a quick one..

How is everyone? Whatcha working on these days?